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Research and Technology Board

Research and Technology Board of State Educational Establishment «Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education» (BelMAPE) is a regular consultative body of scientific and research part of the Academy. It was created aiming at extensive discussion and drawing up recommendations over solutions of the most important issues of scientific activities of BelMAPE about realization of state policy and regulation in the following fields:

  • development of new technologies of diagnostics, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, development of new and import-substituting medical devices;
  • study of molecular and biological basics of cultivating and development of new technologies of stem cells transportation;
  • development and improvement of new forms and methods of disability prevention, medical and social expertise and rehabilitation of the sick and the disabled;
  • study of influence of physical, chemical and biological environmental factors over body, search of effective ways to correct processes, which induce medical problems, at common diseases;
  • evaluation of functional state of the body of sportsmen, development of ways of control and rehabilitation in high performance sport;
  • effective preparation of scientists of highest qualification.

Research and Technology Board of BelMAPE is governed by existing laws of the Republic of Belarus, normative legal acts and documents of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, State Committee on Science and Technology, State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Belarus, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, Statute of the Academy and Regulations on Science and Research of BelMAPE, and also by the present Regulation.

Research and Technology Board of BelMAPE consists of prominent scientists, representatives of faculties, teaching staff and scientific subdivisions of Research and Technology Board.

On agreement membership of Research and Technology Board of BelMAPE can also be recruited by representatives of State organs of executive and legislative power, scientific and other organizations (with no regard for their department participation, scientific and technical societies), scientists and specialists involved in the same activities as BelMAPE is. Rotation of members of Research and Technology Board of BelMAPE is carried out at least 1 time a year with updating at least 1/3 of its number of members. Personal composition of Research and Technology Board of BelMAPE, its structure and Regulations are approved by Rector of BelMAPE.

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