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Scientific and Methodology Board

Scientific and Methodology Board of BelMAPE is a collegiate deliberative and advisory organ, which is involved in development of measures aimed at improvement of the teaching process and its scientific and methodological support.


  • coordination of activities performed by subdivisions of BelMAPE to provide effective educational process, optimal usage of all kinds of resources, improvement of quality of methodological support of educational process;
  • coordination of planning, organization, analysis and quality control of educational process at departments and faculties of BelMAPE;


  • Analytical: analysis of the results of educational process and quality of its scientific and methodological support.
  • Organizational:
    - management of academic and teaching activities of BelMAPE; 
    - implementation of laws and regulations of the Republic of Belarus on the issues of additional education of adults into practice at BelMAPE;
    - consideration of local laws and regulations and guidance documents of BelMAPE, concerning realization of additional education of managers and specialists of the system of healthcare, and their recommendation for use.
  • Scientific and methodological:
    - determination of the main areas of activities of the departments of BelMAPO (in the field of advanced training and retraining of specialists in accordance with the needs of practical healthcare);
    - consideration of projects of educational standards and educational documentations on the specialties of retraining and advanced training of managers and specialists and recommendation for approval in accordance with the established procedure;
    - analysis of availability of academic and methodological literature in the training process;
    - discussion of manuscripts and academic publications and their recommendation for use in educational process at BelMAPE;
    - study of possibilities of implementation of new forms, methods and teaching technologies into practice of BelMAPE, dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience on advanced training and retraining of personnel.
  • Coordinating: development of mechanisms of departments’ interaction, interaction of faculties and structural subdivisions of BelMAPE in the process of implementation of additional education of managers and specialists in the system of healthcare.


  • Membership of Scientific and Methodology Board is approved by Rector of BelMAPE.
  • Membership consists of the following specialists: a chairman, vice-chairman, deans of faculties, heads of departments, heads of subdivisions, specialists from academic staff of BelMAPE.
  • Changes in the composition of the Board are made by Rector’s Orders of BelMAPE.
  • Work of Scientific and Methodology Board is managed by a Chairwoman (vice-rector on scientific work).

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