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Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology

Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology

The first courses on physiotherapy had been hold at the Department of Neurology since 1947. Then, in 1975, there had been organized a special course on physiotherapy at the department (the head was G.E.Bagel, an associate professor).

Under the supervision of D.A.Markov, there had been studied the influence and the efficiency of therapeutic muds at the Institute for Physiotherapy, Orthopedics and Neurology and at the Department of Nervous Diseases and Physiotherapy. In 1947, at the initiative of D.A. Markov, specialists of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the BSSR started to study mineral waters in Belarus. These researches served as a scientific base for the development of spa and resort field in the BSSR.

In 1977, there had been created the Department of Physiotherapy at the Belarusian State Institute for Advanced Medical Training. Vladimir Ulaschik, Doctor of Medical Sciences, became head of the department. 

Due to the wonderful experience of the lecturers of the course, application of new forms of work and involvement of experienced physiotherapists and physicians of allied specialties, the department became a recognized center of postgraduate training in physiotherapy.

From the 80th of the last century, there had been created a course on reflexotherapy at the Department of Physiotherapy. In 1990, a high interest of physicians in this specialty made it necessary to create a separate department of reflexotherapy.

Since 2005, the department has been headed by Anna Volotovskaya, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor. Now a lot of young lecturers work at the department.

Academic activities

For a long period of time, the clinical base of the department had been Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital. It is a multidisciplinary healthcare establishment. The compulsory requirement for getting knowledge in physiotherapy is treatment of patients by physical factors and application of modern physiotherapeutic devices during treatment. Thus, a clinical base must have such opportunities. Today, the main clinical base of the department is N.E.Savchenko Clinical Hospital № 4. Other clinical bases are also the Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology and a private enterprise «StorkMed», which are used for special practical sessions. The lectures are also held at Minsk Center for Medical Rehabilitation of Children with Psychoneurological Diseases.

The department also offers paid advanced training courses on laser technologies in surgery, dentistry, photodynamic therapy at the scientific and technical center «LEMT», advanced training courses on laser technologies in cosmetology and plastic surgery at the limited liability company «Medlaz».

In 2012, specialists of the department worked out «Educational standard of the Republic of Belarus for retraining of high personnel and specialists with higher education on Physiotherapy», which serves as a methodological background of this specialty. In 2016, the standard was amended. 

The department offers retraining courses on physiotherapy with a duration of 712 hours, and advanced training courses on physiotherapy with a duration of 160 , 80 and 40 hours.

The main topics of the advanced training courses are the following ones: physical methods in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with the diseases and trauma of musculoskeletal system, central peripheral nervous system, internal organs, physical factors in the treatment and rehabilitation of children, electrodiagnostics and electrostimulation of the neuromuscular apparatus and internal organs, physiotherapy in aesthetic medicine, laser physiotherapeutic technologies, laser technologies in cosmetology, dermatology and plastic surgery, laser technologies in surgery, dentistry and photodynamic therapy, ozone therapy and carboxytherapy, tractional therapy and shockwave therapy.

The department offers paid advanced training courses:

  • Modern laser technologies in dentistry (for dentists)  – 40 hours;
  • Laser technologies in cosmetology and plastic surgery (for cosmetologists, dermatovenerologists, surgeons, physiotherapists,  surgeons) – 80 hours;
  • Photodynamic therapy (for surgeons) – 40 hours.

The department is planning to hold paid advanced training courses: «Photo- and laser epilation» - 0,25 months (for physiotherapists, physical therapy nurses).

The department is planning to hold short-term internships on a paid basis:

  • Ultrasound therapy in clinical practice;
  • Electrotherapy in clinical practice;

Also, the department offers the following distance training courses: “Local cryotherapy”, «Dry» carbon dioxide baths», «Vibrotherapy», «Pneumocompressive therapy», «The main principles of complex application of physical factors».

Physicians of different specialists undergo training at the department. The majority of them are physicians of therapeutic and pediatric specialties: first of all, physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists, also neurologists, therapists, pediatricians, general practitioners and etc. Besides, surgeons, dentists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons undergo advanced training courses on a paid basis at the department.

The training is carried out in the form of lectures, practical classes, seminars; the lecturers apply innovative training technologies. The level of knowledge of the trainees is evaluated with the help of introductory tests, including additional discussion of complicated issues. The efficiency of the training is clear from the exam and final test results.

Research activities

Lecturers of the department carry out investigations. Their main research activity is the creation of new physical therapy methods. Among them there are brittle and intratissual electrophoresis, medicinal electrophonophoresis, magnetostimulation, impulse magneto-laser and laser therapy, multicolor laser therapy, transcranial electrotherapy, vacuum-phonophoresis, phonopuncture, vacuum-phototherapy and etc.

The scientific works of the specialists contributed greatly into the development of theory in physiotherapy. There have been created the quantitative theory of medicinal electrophoresis, the universal conception of the influence of therapeutic physical factors, the main principles of modern physiotherapy and complex application of physiotherapeutic methods and etc.

With the assistance of specialists from the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, firms and scientific and research institutes, the department has worked out a number of original physiotherapeutic devices, many of which are mass-produced today in Belarus and Russia: devices for magnetotherapy - «Spok», «Seta», «АМТ-1»; devices for electrotherapy «Biotonus», «Prolog», «Radius»; devices for lasertherapy and magnetolasertherapy «Rodnik», «SNAG», «Aibolit» etc.

Clinical activities

Specialists of the department carry out a huge amount of clinical work. They carry out advisory and treatment work in many urban, republican and specialized healthcare establishments. Annually, from 3 to 4 thousands patients are consulted.