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Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

In 1945, after reopening of Belarusian Institute for Advanced Medical Training there had been created a new course «Organization of healthcare and state sanitary inspectors», which in 1947 was reorganized into the Department of Healthcare Management. The department was headed by Z.K.Mogilevchik, an associate professor.

From 1949 to 1951, G.R.Kruchyok and M.M.Tur worked as deputy heads of the department; from 1951 to 1953, the department was headed by the Minister of Health of BSSR, Candidate of Medical Sciences, I.A.Insarov.

In 1953, the Department of Healthcare Management was abolished.

In 1959, it restarted its functioning as the Course of Healthcare Management. The teaching staff of the department was represented by health professionals – specialists from the Ministry of Health of BSSR. The course was headed by an experienced doctor, A.K.Kosach.

In 1966, the Course of Healthcare Management was again reorganized into the department. The Department of Social Hygiene and Healthcare Management was headed by А.К. Kosach. During the years of his management (from 1959 to 1966), he published 29 scientific works, prepared and successfully defended Candidate’s thesis «Development of healthcare and medicine in Minsk (1861-1967) ».

In 1983, A.V.Manulik, an honoured physician of BSSR, was in charge of the department (18.03.1928 - 28.07.2016). During these years, listeners of the courses were health professionals practically from all regions of the USSR. New courses and lectures had been piloted: on methodology of the system approach (А.V.Manulik), economics in healthcare (А.Y.Sokolov), purpose complex planning (E.A.Valchuk), information support of the management (N.I.Gulitskaya), academic and research basics of preventive medical examination of population (V.А.Romanov) etc. А.V.Manulik published a number of monographs, including those on methodology of the system approach.

In 1989, the department was reorganized into the Department of Social Hygiene, Economics and Healthcare Management. In the 90-ies, the training program for health professionals were modernized, the course on management, economics, planning, financing and law had been extended and renewed.

In 1993, the department was headed by E.A.Valchuk, an associate professor. Doctoral thesis of E.А.Valchuk (1994) covered the issue of the system of medical rehabilitation in Belarus. His scientific works on this topic are widely known abroad. In 1994, E.A.Valchuk got the title of a professor; in 1998, he became a corresponding member of the Belarusian Medical Academy. Under supervision of professor E.А. Valchuk, there had been prepared 14 Candidates and 3 Doctors of Medical; he is an author of a great number of works, including monographs. Fundamental handbook «Basics of organizational and methodological services and statistical thinking in healthcare» was republished 2 times and was very popular among specialists. In 1998, there had been completed the scientific and research entitled «Variants of realization of dispensary method in different conditions for different patients».

Under the participation of professor E.A. Valchuk, there have been created unique courses: a two-year course «Healthcare management»; advanced training courses for accountants, economists, inspectors, working in healthcare system; a course for chief medical nurses; the course «Technologies of hospital management», and a course on informatics.

The course «Healthcare management» was organized in 1999. At different times, the course was headed by N.I.Gulitskaya, an associate professor, T.V.Kalinina, an associate professor, O.A.Kulpanovich, an associate professor. V.I.Ivanova. From 1999 to 2008, 276 listeners had undergone the course.

The course «Economics and Accounting in Healthcare» was organized in 2000. It was headed by O.A.Kulpanovich, an associate professor, and E.E.Likhtarovich, a senior lecturer. In 2006, the course was reorganized into the Department of Economics and Accounting in Healthcare. Head of the department is O.A.Kulpanovich, an associate professor.

In 2001, there was created the course «Nursing Administration», which has been headed by T.V.Matveichik, an associate professor. There is a  number of monographs on nursing administration, such as «Nursing Administration at in-patient clinics», «Nursing in the 21st century» (2014), a great number of study guides.

The course «Technologies of Hospital Management» was created in 2001. In 2006, the course became a part of the curriculum of the Department of Economics and Accounting in Healthcare.

The course «Medical Informatics», created in 2001, had been headed by senior teacher Y.V.Mereschakov until 2008, in the following years, it was headed by senior lecturer L.V.Shvab. In 2012, the course became a part of the curriculum of the Department of Economics and Accounting in Healthcare.

In 2001, the department was renamed into the Department of Public Health and Healthcare.

In 2007, the department had a new course – a course on pedagogics, psychology and foreign languages. The course has been in charge of senior lecturer S.F.Novitskaya.

In 2008, P.N.Mikhalevich, an associate professor, became head of the department. He is an author of 80 scientific works, the monograph «General Practitioner», a developer of healthcare legislation, a number of state programs etc.

From 2009 to 2012, the department hold the course «Management and economics of pharmacy» for pharmacists. The course was headed by Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, L.P.Ryazhkina. There had been prepared and published the monograph «Management of pharmacy. A collection of lectures» (G.V.Godovalnikov, 2010).

In 2010, the department was headed by professor N.N.Piliptsevich, one of the developers of the Law «About Healthcare», program of demographic security, healthcare development concept etc.

In 2011-2013, the department was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, A.P. Romanova.

From 2013 until the present, the department has been heading by associate professor М.V.Schaveleva. She is an author of more than 200 publications; she is a doctor of the highest qualification category, a participant of a number of scientific projects on public health and healthcare management, including international ones.

The main targets of the department:

  • -    professional development of healthcare leaders in public health and healthcare, nursing, pedagogics and psychology, foreign languages;
  • -    organization of training courses on foreign languages, philosophy, medical statistics and science methodology for postgraduate students and degree seekers;
  • -    advanced training courses on the English language for specialists with higher medical education;
  • -    organization and participation in scientific and practical activities, international projects.

The course «Nursing Administration»
Curator of the course: Tatiana Matveichik, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor
Address: Minsk, Brovki Street, 3, build. 3, room 701
Phone: (375 29) 331-44-82

The course on pedagogics, psychology and foreign languages
Curator of the course: Svetlana Novitskaya, senior lecturer
Address: Minsk, Brovki Street, 3, build. 3, room 905-909
Phone: ( 375 17) 292-62-51
Irina Bryliova, senior lecturer
Dina Marchenko-Tyabut, senior lecturer
Valeria Sokolchik, associate professor, Candidate of Philosophy Sciences

The course «Basics of Medical Prevention»
Curator of the course:  Irina Tyukhlova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor
Address: Minsk, Brovki Street, 3, build. 3, room 610

The center for monitoring of professional risks and psychological support to medical professionals

Academic work of the department

  • professional development of healthcare leaders and their deputies in public health and healthcare;
  • advanced training in nursing administration;
  • advanced training in pedagogics, phycology and foreign languages;
  • training of postgraduate students and degree seekers on the disciplines: foreign languages, philosophy, medical statistics and methodology of science.

The main courses of retraining and advanced training cover the following issues: actual issues of ideology of Belarus, issues of politology, sociology and philosophy, culture and psychology in professional activities, medical ethics and bioethics, physical culture of healthcare leader, basics of management and marketing, economics, planning and financing of healthcare, basics of legislation and legal matters, state social standards of free medical care, anticorruption activities, work with the staff and etc.

The main forms of training: lectures, seminars, practical seminars at clinical bases, case studies, mastering of skills in formation of territory programs of state social guarantees of free medical care, statistical analysis of indicators, labor norming, writing of term papers, reports, formulization of the mission and credo of organization. Technical training aids are widely applied during the lectures.

Specialists of the department participate at «Days of head doctor» (reports), participate at the development of laws, directive and regulatory documents of the Ministry of Health, prepare and participate at scientific and practical conferences of republican health authorities, work at assessment committees, prepare information and analytical materials etc.