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Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Department of Otorhinolaryngology

In 1938 Minsk Medical University started to give a new advanced training course for otorhinolaryngologists, which was headed by V.F.Krukovsky, assistant of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology. Clinical base was situated at Otorhinolaryngology Division of City Clinical Hospital №1 (now - Clinical Hospital №3). In 1945 the Department of Otorhinolaryngology was founded and was headed by N.T.Efstafiev, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor , when Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training restarted its work. In postwar years the department had two clinical bases: Otorhinolaryngology Division of City Clinical Hospital №2 and Otorhinolaryngology Division of Minsk Railway Hospital, In 1954 the department had another base - Otorhinolaryngology Division of Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital (1975 the hospital was transformed into Regional Pediatric Clinical Hospital). In 1972-1974 the department was headed by I.A.Yashan, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. In 1981 the department had one more clinical base - the Republican Clinical Hospital of Hearing, Voice and Speech Pathology. From 1974 to 1999 V.A.Bystrenin, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, headed the department. Since 1999 until present L.G.Petrova, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, has been head of the department. At present the department's staff is represented by the following physicians: I.M.Korol, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor; V.V.Chaikovsky, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences; V.L.Chekan, assistant, Candidate of Medical Sciences; I.V.Sidorenko, assistant.

Annually, the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of BelMAPE gives Republican and International seminars and conferences. Staff of the department actively participates in the work of European and World congresses on actual issues of otorhinolaryngology. Publications: 4 monographs, 15 guidelines, more than 300 scientific articles. Within the last 15 years 3 Doctoral and 9 Candidate's theses have been defended. 20 inventors' certificates have been received. From the time of the department's foundation more than 300 physicians have undergone advanced training courses there.

Main scientific areas of special attention at the department: diagnostics and treatment of ear and larynx pathology. Staff of the department has developed and implemented original treatment methods of ear pathology, which help to restore disturbed hearing. The department also has developed new original treatment methods of chronic larynx and trachea stenosis, which help not only to restore respiratory function, but also to preserve voice. The department is one of the first ones in the Republic of Belarus which widely implemented laser technologies in otorhinolaryngology to endoscopic functional nose and paranasal sinusand surgery. Within the last two years specialists of the department have got 7 invention patents.

Scientific activities

Within the last 5 years staff of the department has published more than 160 scientific works, including 7 guidelines, 3 patents.

Scientific areas at the department:

  • Making of compositions from olfactory epithelium and skin for reconstruction of epithelial defects (code "Stem cells"). 2011-2013 - Common State Program
  • Diagnostics of early voice disorders in patients of voice and speech profession. №В-1375 2003-2014г. - initiative - is carried out in accordance with a schedule plan (together with the Belarusian State Institute and Research Scientific and Practical Center of Otorhinolaryngology).
  • Diagnostic and treatment methods of hearing disorders. № 20053358 from 04.11.2005. 2005-2010 - initiative - was carried out in accordance with a schedule plan.
  • Using of cell technologies to restore functional mucous membrane epithelium of upper respiratory airways. 2007-2009 - in the frameworks of the project Foundation of fundamental researches "Science" - was carried out in accordance with a schedule plan.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory diseases of ENT organs. 2009-2011 - initiative - was carried out in accordance with a schedule plan.
  • Modeling of middle ear in the normal condition and after its surgical reconstruction, prosthetics optimization. 2008-2011

Within the last 5 years 6 Candidate’s theses have been protected at the department.

Clinical work

Clinical care and consultation services are rendered by specialists of the department on the basis of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Otorhinolaryngology, Minsk Pediatric Regional Clinical Hospital, Professor's Medical Advisory Center of BelMAPE.

Staff of the department goes on calls made by the Center of Emergency Medical Care (all round the Republic) and with the approval of head of structural division (all round Minsk and Minsk region).

Staff of the department does all kinds of surgical interventions, including high-tech ones: a full range of hearing restorative operations, including cochlear implantation, endoscopic surgery, larynx and trachea surgery.

International cooperation

Within the last 5 years 29 physicians from Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan have undergone training at clinical residency. 

The department prepared 2 Candidates of Medical Sciences from Lebanon and Iran during postgraduate courses.

Theses of lectures

Topics of advanced training and retraining courses for otorhinolaryngologists: audiology; larynx pathology and phoniatrics; diagnostics and treatment of nose and paranasal sinus diseases, pediatric otorhinolaryngology; peculiarities of middle ear pathology, lectures of the issues of anatomy, physiology, research methods and treatment in otorhinolaryngology.