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Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Orthodontics with the Course of Childen's Dentistry

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Orthodontics with the Course of Childen's Dentistry

Clinical bases of the department:

  • Municipal unitary enterprise "Clinics of aesthetic dentistry", Minsk, Kazarmenny Alley, 3. Telephone: ( 375 17) 328-64-95
  • Dentistry Outpatient Clinic №3, Minsk, Gezety Pravda, 58, building 2, tel. 2729752 (location map)
  • City Pediatric Outpatient Clinic №4, Minsk, Nalibokskaya Street, 15, tel. 2098582.

History of the department

The Department of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics was founded at the Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training (BelMAPE) by the Order of the Ministry of Health of BSSR in April, 1977. It was created due to the necessity of prosthodontists to undergo postgraduate training courses, retraining of young specialists, preparation of dentists at clinical residency and at postgraduate courses.

Main tasks of the Department of Prosthodontics of the Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training were the following ones: working out of teaching methodology, creation of academic and methodological complex and preparation of the teaching staff. For the period of several months, the first head of the department, G.I.Nazarov, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, together with other lecturers created all conditions for giving classes of general issues of prosthodontics.

Staff of the department at that time: V.A.Nikitenko, Associate Professor; V.P.Shatunov, Associate Professor; L.G.Spiridonov, Associate Professor; S.S.Kozlovsky, assistant, Candidate of Medical Sciences. From 1998 to April, 2013, the department was headed by A.V.Lobko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Since April, 2013, the department was headed by Sergey Petrovich Rubnikovich, Associate Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

For the first time ever in the Republic of Belarus, the Department of Prosthodontics is carrying out teaching on the main 5 areas: prosthetic, surgical (dental implantation) areas, therapeutic, pediatric dentistry and prosthetics for dentists, and also the area of cooperate learning of prosthodontists and dental laboratory technician.

On the 14th of April, 2016, according to the Order №158 from 13.04.2016 of rector of BelMAPE, M.A.Herasimenka, the Department of Prosthodontics was reorganized into the Department of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics with a Course of Pediatric Dentistry.

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Orthodontics with the Course of Childen's Dentistry of BelMAPE

Main scientific and research areas of the department

  • Complex multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of dental diseases.
  • Treatment of dental patients with temporomandibular joint disorder.
  • Reduction of terms of functional patient's rehabilitation at dental prosthetics with dental implants supported.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of dentofacial anomalies and deformations.
  • Complex treatment of patients with periodontal tissue diseases together with teeth defects and denture defects, dentoalveolar anomalies and deformations.
  • Age peculiarities of prophylaxis and treatment of caries and its complications in children.
  • Diagnostics, differentiated diagnostics and treatment of oral mucosa diseases in children.
  • Modern approaches to the selection of materials for minimally invasive treatment methods of permanent and temporary teeth.
  • Complex treatment of marginal periodontal membrane in patients of different age groups.

Staff of the department carries out original scientific and practical works on different aspects of modern dentistry.

In 2012 Y.A.Kostetsky, and assistant, defended Candidate's thesis "Experimental validation of the method of root canal filling with the help of ultrasound", research advisor - V.A.Lobko. 

In 2015 I.N.Baradina, assistant, defended Candidate's thesis "Treatment of patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction", research advisor - S.P.Rubnikovich.

In 2016 I.S.Homich, a senior teacher, defended Candidate's thesis "Experimental and clinical reasoning of the usage of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound at dental implantation", research advisor - S.P.Rubnikovich.

Senior lecturers A.V.Kunitsa, A.I.Maizet, S.V.Pryalkin carry out researches.

Topics of two Candidate's theses have been approved: A.I.Maizet "Peculiarities of diagnostics and orthopedic treatment of patients with partial secondary edentulism and periodontium diseases (clinical and experimental research)".

A.V.Kunitsa "Clinical and Experimental reasoning of prosthetics of      unteethed lower jaw by removable implant-retained laminar dentures". 

Candidate seekers at the department are the following ones: A.D.Fisiunov A.D., senior teacher of the Department of General Dentistry with a course of prosthetic dentistry of Vitebsk State Medical University, and Panasenkov G.Y., director of "Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry".

Scientific works worked out by the staff of the department are published in scientific editions of the Republic of Belarus, CIS and non-CIS countries.

Staff of the department published more than 300 scientific works, including 15 guidance manuals and 25 patents of the Republic of Belarus.

International cooperation is being developed.

Staff of the department cooperates with scientific contacts of dentistry higher educational establishments, departments and producers of dental products of Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy.

Scientific and Research Work

Within the last 3 years staff of the department has published more than 150 published works, including 1 monograph. 15 guidance manuals have been published, 8 invention patents have been received and 4 notifications about successful result of production of expert evidence have also been received, there are 12 applications for a patent. Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus has approved 4 instructions:

  • "Methods of orthopedic treatment of muscle and joint disfunction of dentition";
  • "Method of vacuum d'arsonvalization in the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders and muscles of maxillofacial area".
  • "Method of dental implantation".
  • "Method of magnetic phototherapy at teeth prosthetics and periodental membrane diseases".

Results of scientific researches are reflected in guidance manuals, which are actively being implemented into treatment and educational processes:

  • "Application of ultrasound in endodontology".
  • "Laser-based optical diagnostics in dentistry".
  • "Application of screw inlays in prosthetic dentistry".
  • "Methods of production of removable dental implant-supported prostheses".
  • "Two-stage method of complete denture manufacture".
  • "Therapy preparation of dental patient to orthopedic treatment".
  • "Diagnostics of exersions and deformations of hard biotissues with the help of speckle-technologies".
  • "Aesthetic periodontology".
  • "Diagnostics of diseases of temporomandibular joints".
  • "Principles of planning of dental implantation".
  • "Temporal constructions of prosthetic dentures in orthopedic dentistry".
  • "Modern CAD/CAM systems in orthopedic dentistry".
  • "Complex treatment of periodental diseases".
  • "Headache: epidemiology, modern classification, more frequent clinical forms, diagnostic criteria, main principles of therapy".

The department pays a great attention to the preparation of clinical residents. The department provides training for 39 clinical residents: 19 residents are form the Republic of Belarus, 20 foreign physicians are from Georgia, Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Palestine and 3 foreign specialists do an internship in dental implantation.

Treatment-and-Consultation Work

Staff of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry carries out the following:

  • Consultations of patients with additional and special examination methods.
  • Treatment of patients with removable and non-removable prostheses with the application of modern techniques and materials.
  • Orthodontic treatment of patients with combined pathology.
  • Patients' acceptance is carried out on the basis of referral from a dentist of dentistry clinics.

The department carries out master classes on the following topics: on dental implantation and prosthetics with a support on dental implants, applying face bow and articulator, on peculiarities of taking-off the impressions by modern impression materials, on manufacture of temporary constructions with a support on teeth and dental implants, and also on transmission of surgery operations in real time.