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Department of Therapeutic Dentistry

Department of Therapeutic Dentistry

The Department of General Dentistry was founded on the 29th of November, 2005, by the Order of rector of BelMAPE №568-л from 25.11.2005. The statute about the department was approved on the 3rd of January, 2006, in a new edition - on the 15th of September, 2010.

At first there were only 4 teachers working at the department.

In 2016 staff of the department was represented by specialists: head of the department, Doctor of Medical Sciences; professor - 1; Associate Professors, Candidates of Medical Sciences - 3; senior teachers - 3; assistants - 2; graduate associate - 1. The department is based in two clinics:

City Clinical Dentistry Polyclinic №12 (occupied space - 162 meters) and City Dentistry Polyclinic №5 (occupied space - 15,7 meters).

Teaching and guiding work

The department conducts advanced training courses for dentists of all specialties (dentists, dentists-therapists, prosthodontists, dental surgeons). Staff of the department published 22 guidance manuals, 19 instructions for use. The department provides training for clinical residents (extramural and intramural forms of study). Foreign citizens have a possibility to study at clinical residency on the specialty "Dentistry", "Preventive Dentistry", "Dental Prosthetics" and to undergo training.

Scientific activities

The department is working on the scientific issue "Diagnostics of occlusive defects in the treatment of patients with bruxism and parafunctions of masseter muscles" (official registration number 20140031 from 16.01.2014), deadline - 2013-2015.

  • The following Candidate's theses have been defended (scientific advisor - N.A.Yudina): O.N.Maniuk "Clinical and laboratory grounds of the method of photopolymerization at restoration of hard tooth tissues", 23.11.2011
  • V.Liugovskaya "Selection of clinical and laboratory diagnostic criteria and criteria of dynamic monitoring in periodontics, 29.12.2011
  • Y.Kurochkina "Differentiated approach in the selection of the way of antimicrobial phototherapy of periodontium diseases (experimental and clinical research)" 15.01.2012
  • M.Polyakov "Application of full-ceramic laminates at the restoration of anterior teeth", 22.04.2014
  • P.Kavetsky "Clinical and laboratory grounds of application of adhesive fiber constructions in aesthetic dentistry", 05.06.2013, scientific advisor - I.K.Lutskaya, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Within the whole period of work the department prepared 1 Doctor of Medical Sciences and 5 Candidates of Medical Sciences.

Under supervision of N.A.Yudina, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Candidate's theses have been worked out on the following topics (preliminary expertise was in 2016):   

  • K.Medvedskaya (Brovka) - "The rationale of drug selection for dental anaesthesia during a visit with a dentist "
  • V.Yuris - "Diagnostics and correction of dental occlusion in the treatment of periodontium diseases".
  • N.Pivankova is working at her Candidate's thesis "Permanent tooth retreatment" (deadline is the year 2021).

The Department of General Dentistry actively participates in international projects in the frameworks of cooperation agreement   from 04.11.2011 on experience exchange in the field of scientific and research activities, conferences and seminars, implementation of scientific researches into practice, between State Educational Establishment "Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education" and State Establishment "Institute of Dentistry of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Ukraine".

Clinical work

The department has two clinical bases: Minsk City Clinical Dentistry Hospital №12 and Minsk City Clinical Dentistry Hospital №5. These two bases have all conditions to hold consultations and carry out treatment and diagnostic work. In September, 2013, Minsk City Clinical Dentistry Hospital №12 was noted by International Organization Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) and was awarded ISAQ (International Star for Quality) in the category "Gold" for the quality of rendering services and their presentation.

At present the department, along with multimedia presentations of the lecture material, actively gives master-classes with the usage of video camera and retransmission of the picture to the full screen. Such modern technology is used both by teachers while giving practical classes and invited specialists in the frameworks of different seminars and conferences