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Department of Urology and Nephrology

Department of Urology and Nephrology

The Department of Urology of the Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training was founded in 1953 by professor M.N.Zhukova. On the 14th of February, 1953, M.N.Zhukova was appointed to the post of head of the Department of Urology at the Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training by the Order of Ministry of Health of BSSR. Since the 1st of August, 1953, V.A.Mohort was admitted to the Department of Urology as a clinical resident.

In 1958 V.A.Mohort was chosen for the position of an assistant, in 1960 he protected Candidate's thesis on the topic: "Actinomycosis of     genitourinary organs".

In 1958 Zhukova M.N. was appointed to the post of head of the Department of Urology at Leningrad Institute of Advanced Medical Training, so professor A.I.Mihelson was chosen as head of the Department of Urology at Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training, N.E.Savchenko started to work at the Department as an Associate Professor. In 1971 after A.I.Mihelson died the Department was headed by V.A.Mohort.

In 1991, professor A.A.Gres was appointed to the position of head of the Department of Urology, from 2009 to 2013 V.I.Voschula headed the department, from 2013 to 2018, D.M.Nitkin, Associate Professor, headed the department, since 2018 until the present, D.T.Tarend has been working as head of the department.

In 1999 the Department was renamed into the Department of Urology and Nephrology. V.S.Pilotovich, a leading nephrologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, works as professor at the Department.  Advanced training and retraining courses in nephrology have become more frequent. The courses are designed for nephrologists of hemodialysis centres, transplantologists, therapists, and cover the issues of modern nephrology, including new topics of arterial hypertension, recurrent nephropathies, methods of artificial blood purification and kidneys transplantation.

Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital is a clinical base of the Department (Urology Division for 60 beds, Andrology Division for 40 beds) and Minsk City Clinical Hospital. The rooms of the Department are convenient, renovated, fully equipped for the courses. In 2006 the Department was equipped by telecommunication system, which makes it necessary to broadcast operations to the lecture room.

In 2013 the Department had the 60th Anniversary. Until this time the staff had contributed greatly into development of urology and nephrology in our country, specialists' preparation, rendering of qualified consultation and medical care to patients.

Staff of the Department has being working at the Republican Center of Andrology, which was founded and now is successfully functioning on the basis of Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital (professor A.A.Gres is a head there). BelMAPE has a diagnostics of methabolic disorders at kidney stone disease at Central Scientific and Research Laboratory.

The staff of the Department participates in the work of Belarusian Association of Urologists, European Association of Urologists, International Society of Nephrologists, European Association of kidney disease, European Association of dialysis and transplantation.

Since 1991 staff of the Department has defended many theses: 11 Candidate's and Doctoral theses have been protected. 15 author's certificates and patents have been received. 16 monographs, 7 instructional and reference aids, 29 methodological recommendations, about 700 articles in publications of Belarus, CIS countries and abroad have been published. Recently there have been 2 congresses of urologists of the Republic of Belarus, conferences and symposia with international participation regularly take place.

Within the last 10 years (2004-2014) more than 180 courses of advanced training and retraining have been organized, which have been visited by more than 2700 listeners.

Main forms of classes: lectures, seminars, participation in scientific clinical, hospital and clinical-anatomical conferences. Practical classes are conducted in well-equipped lecture rooms with the application of multimedia and communication equipment: in operating rooms, rooms of external-beam radiotherapy, E-ray rooms, room for urofluometry, ultrasound rooms, laboratory, and hemodialysis halls. Staff of the Department does all kinds of urology operations with application of endourological and laparoscopic equipment.

Belarusian Association of Urologists

Belarusian Society of Urologists (BSU) was founded in 1958 by professor A.I.Mikhelson. At that time there were 185 urologic beds in the Republic, there were only 31 urologists. After A.I.Mikhelson died in 1971, professor N.E.Savchenko, an academician of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR, was chosen as a chairman of the Belarusian Society of Urologists.

In 2001 N.I.Dosta, an Associate Professor was chosen as a chairman of the Belarusian Society of Urologists, and in June, 2013, professor V.I.Voschula was chosen as a chairman of the Belarusian Society of Urologists. On the 12th of December, 2013,  an extraordinary session of the plenary was held, during which professor A.V.Strotsky, Doctor of Medical Sciences, head of the Department of Urology of Belarusian State Medical University, Chief Extraordinary Expert in Urology of the Ministry of Health of Belarus, was chosen as a chairman of the Belarusian Society of Urologists; D.M.Nitkin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, head of the Department of Urology of BelMAPE, was chosen as a vice chairman of the Belarusian Society of Urologists, V.Y.Leliuk, an urologist of Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital, was chosen as a secretary of BSU.

Activities of BSU:

  • organization of republican and international congresses, scientific conferences, symposia, meetings of Plenary Board, during which actual scientific, practical and organizational issues are being discussed;
  • participation in scientific congresses and conferences, organized by itself and associations of physicians of related specialties;
  • organization of public lectures, seminars, discussions on actual issues of urology, promotion of healthy way of life and achievements in urology in mass media;

Kinds of activities of BSU:

  • BSU recommends new forms of organization of methodological work aiming at further development of scientific and practical activities;
  • publishes materials after congresses, conferences, symposia and plena, recommends popular scientific writings of BSU members for publishing, promotes the spreading of such materials from international organizations;
  • actively participates in adaptation and rapprochement of the system of postgraduate education of physicians of the Republic of Belarus, near and far-abroad countries;
  • presents its members for encouragement and bonus payment by healthcare governing authorities, presents its members for acquisition of State awards;
  • participates in the creation of different structures to carry out topical urological inventions as appropriate;
  • organizes and holds, together with the concerned organizations, different occasions in the field of medicine;
  • carries out other activities, not prohibited by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus aiming at the solution of statutory objectives.

BSU has a web-site: www.urobel.uroweb.ru

Within the last years BSU actively carries out work aiming at the extension of cooperation with the European Association of Urologists, more active joining of Belarusian urologists into EAU and maximum seizing the opportunities of this huge organization in the improvement of educational level and professional skills of Belarusian urologists, usage of information field of EAU.

Belarusian Association of Urologists actively cooperates with the European Association of Urologists. To raise an educational level of the European population on the most common and socially important urological diseases, since 2004, the day of the 15th of September was announced as the Day of Prostatic Gland Diseases; annually, every autumn, there is an Information Week for patients (in 2014 the main issue was kidney cancer).

The Week of Urology was created by the European Association of Urologists aiming at the stimulation of people to visit their physicians, when they suffer from some complaints.To inform the European community, EAU has created a new web-site http://urologyweek.org

Main areas of scientific activities of the Department

  • kidney stone disease
  • urogynecology
  • surgical treatment of nephrospasis
  • cystic formations of kidneys
  • erectile dysfunction
  • age-related andogenodeficiency in men

Daily consultations for patients are hold at Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital through assignments of physicians from Belarusian healthcare establishments.