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Alexei Chukanov

Alexei Chukanov

Rector of BelMAPE

Alexei Chukanov graduated from Minsk State Medical Institute with a specialty in general medicine in 1998.

In 2011, Alexei Chukanov defended Candidate’s thesis entitled «Fetal echocardiography at the stage of ultrasound screening of pregnant women».

In 2012, Alexei Chukanov got the academic title of an associate professor.

Alexei Chukanov has the highest qualification category.

The areas of his scientific interest are connected with the perspective aspects of ultrasound diagnostics: development and implementation of complex diagnostic researches of the organism structures by the methods of ultrasound diagnostics, evaluation of the organs’ functioning, development of the methods of pathology prediction, organization of the system of telemedicine consultations in ultrasound diagnostics.

Alexei Chukanov is actively involved into scientific and research work, practically in all directions of sonography. He successfully prepares scientific and pedagogical staff.

According to the results of scientific investigations of Alexei Chukanov, there have been developed a number of present-day methods of diagnostics and have been implemented into clinical work of healthcare organizations of the Republic of Belarus.

Alexei Chukanov is an author of 5 patents for invention and 11 rationalization proposals.

Alexei Chukanov is an author and coauthor of 3 instructions for diagnostic methods, being implemented into the work of healthcare establishments of the Republic of Belarus.

The results of his researches on prenatal diagnostics of fetal congenital disorders have been published in a number of guides for physicians and manuals: «Ultrasound investigation of abdominal cavity organs and             retroperitoneum, small pelvis, fetus, superficial organs, brain and hip joints in children, heart and vessels (indications, devices, technical characteristics and unified protocols)», «Heart rhythm disturbances and conduction abnormality in fetus», «Prenatal diagnostics and prevention of hereditary and congenital diseases in children», «Prenatal ultrasound diagnostics of congenital abnormalities», «Ultrasound screening of congenital heart disorder in fetus», «Estimators of photometric indicators».

Alexei Chukanov has developed and implemented educational programs of advanced training and retraining courses on ultrasound diagnostics of pathology, usage of sonoelastography in diagnostics of organ diseases, application of 3D/4D sonography technologies, practical application of sonographic contrast agents for early diagnostics of pathology. Also he prepared educational guides, which correspond the present-day level of medical science.

Alexei Chukanov is a chief visiting sonographer of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, a chief visiting specialist in prenatal diagnostics of the Public Health Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee, a member of the Republican Qualification Commission in medical diagnostics.

Alexei Chukanov is in charge of the Center for Prenatal Diagnostics of Minsk Clinical Hospital № 1.

Alexei Chukanov is a member of editorial boards of a number of medical journals («Reporter of Kazakh Medical University of Continuous Education», «Neonatology, surgery and perinatal medicine»). He actively participates in the development of international cooperation in the field of medicine (Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Germany).

Alexei Chukanov is a member of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian Society of Rheumatologists, Belarusian Society of Radiologists, an active member of the European Society of Radiologists, International Society of Fetal Medicine, Russian Society of Radiologists, Ukrainian Society of Perinatal Medicine.

He regularly participates at international congresses and seminars with scientific reports.

Alexei Chukanov got an award for excellence in healthcare of the Republic of Belarus; he was awarded honorary certificates given by the Public Health Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee (2011, 2015), certificates and diplomas given by BelMAPE.

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