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Dmitry Sevrukevich

Dmitry Sevrukevich

Candidate of Medical Sciences, senior lecturer

Specialty: cardiosurgery, roentgen-endovascular surgery

Dmitry Sevrukevich was born in 1986 in Minsk. After the graduation from Belarusian State Medical University, Faculty of General Medicine, with a specialty in general medicine, he did internship at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Cardiology. Then he worked as an endovascular surgeon at the Unit of Endovascular Surgery, and since 2013 until the present, he has been working as a cardiosurgeon at the Roentgen Operating Room.

In November, 2017, he started a part-time PhD course in Cardiology at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Cardiology.

In June, 2018, he defended his Candidate’s thesis.

Since August, 2019, he has been involved into the pedagogical activities as a senior lecturer at the Department of Cardiosurgery.

He did retraining on the specialties:

  1. «Cardiosurgery» 2012;
  2. «Roentgen-endovascular surgery» 2014;
  3. «Cardiology» 2018.

Dmitry Sevrukevich did internships in Sweden (2015), Germany (2015 and 2020).

His scientific interests include the following:

  • radiofrequency ablation of complicated rhythm disturbances (fibrillation and auricular flutter, AV nodal tachycardia, WPW-syndrome, atrial and ventricular arrhythmia), pacemaker implantation, implantation of the devices for resynchronization therapy, stimulation of the His bundle, electrode extraction.

Other scientific interests:

  • Vagus effects on electrophysiology and myocardial metabolism.
  • Specialization: cardiosurgery, roentgen-endovascular surgery.


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