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Natalia Klimkovich

Natalia Klimkovich

Doctor of Medical Sciences, associate professor, hematologist with the highest qualification category 

In 1993, Natalia Klimkovich graduated from Minsk State Medical Institute, Pediatric Faculty. In 1998, she completed PhD course at Belarusian State Institute for Advanced Medical Training.  

In 1998, she defended her Candidate’s thesis entitled «Iron deficiency and structural-functional condition of erythrocyte membrane in Belarusian children». In 2015, she defended her Doctoral thesis entitled «Primary myelodysplastic syndromes: medical and biological characteristics, diagnostics, criteria of prognosis». Her main scientific interests are the following ones: studying of pathogenetic mechanisms and determination of prognostic factors at primary myelodysplastic syndromes, leukosis and hemocytogenesis depression. 

Natalia Klimkovich did internships abroad: at Clinic of Humboldt University (Berlin), Clinic of Innsbruck University (Austria), in Rome (Italy), at international medical seminars on hematology and oncology (Salzburg, Austria). Natalia Klimkovich is a lector of master-classes on leucosis and transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells in children in Astana (Kazakhstan). She is an author of 200 printed works, among them there are 2 study guides, 24 guidance manuals, 5 monographs, 4 instructions for use, and 2 patents. She is a member of the European Hematology Association and Belarusian Association of Physicians. 

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